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is a song featured in the episode "Dirty Blob", sang by the Game Shakers.



I'm Babe, your Double G, yeah, bout' you drop it!

Double G your the man we all love!

You got smooth skin like a baseball glove!

Double G got a bling in a private jet

If you got sticky hands, use a moist towelette!

Yeah when I say moist, you say towelette!



Kenzie, Hudson and Trip:







We all love you, Double G, more than tacos that are free

We all love you, Double G, better than a cup of herbal tea (2x)


I'm Triple G, instead of Double G, he got 2 G's and I got three (Ah! Yeah Ok)

When I was 3, I broke my knee and my dad never took me to the doctor, nope he said " no need for a doctor"

He said it will be fine, he said it will be fine dad my knee hurts! My knee still hurts!


Get out of my way, what my name is Kenzie!, don't you forget it, mess with Kenzie and your gonna regret it!

You know me I know karate!, I'll slap your head and I will slip with your body!

Yeah I'm something, you ain't nothing, I CHEW UP LIKE A FRESH UP MUFFIN!

We all love you Double G, I'm out!


Mop - mop mipi mop -mop, wabu - wabu oooo

Dab - dab dipi - dap - dap dabadaba -doo


We out!

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