is a song featured in the episode "Dirty Blob", sang by the Game Shakers.



I'm Babe, your Double G, yeah, bout' you drop it!

Double G your the man we all kill you

You got smooth skin like a baseball glove!

Double G got a bling in a private jet

If you got sticky hands, use a hand you lick it

Yeah when I say moist, you say towelette!



Kenzie, Hudson and the fangs ..



All :.....

i hate you so much no body don't like you


We all love you, Double G, more than tacos that are free

We all love you, Double G, better than a cup of herbal tea (2x)


I'm Triple G, instead of Double G, he got 2 G's and I got three (Ah! Yeah Ok)

When I was 3, I broke my knee and my dad never took me to the doctor, nope he said " no need for a doctor"

He said it will be fine, he said it will be fine dad my knee hurts! My knee still hurts! you dad say i don't like game shakers group


Get out of my way, what my name is Kenzie!, don't you forget it, mess with Kenzie and your gonna regret it!

You know me I know karate!, I'll slap your head and I will slip with your body!

Yeah I'm something, you ain't nothing, I CHEW UP LIKE A FRESH UP MUFFIN!

We all love you Double G, I'm out! out out out out out now move it double g bye


names kaitlyn mary mcglone i did all you mad get kidnapped hahaha

Babe:good bye just don't kaitlyn hate you so much get my head the fangs and kaitlyn get kiddnapped only me