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"Are you having a great time Lance?"

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Double G

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Double G is currently Triple G's father. Double G was married to Jackie Griffin but got divorced when Trip was about 6-7 years old.

Sky Whale

In Sky Whale, Triple G was on Double G's plane really bored about the flight. Double G considers himself selfish while Triple G wants to have friends. But Double G says Triple G will get a job and stay in Brooklyn.

Afterwards, Triple G finds out Sky Whale and Double G is angry because of no profit shares. Triple G is confused for a second to see if they can go to Brooklyn.

In Brooklyn, Triple G is excited. Double G, Bunny and Ruthless storm and outrage Kenzie and Babe. Triple G then helps Hudson, Kenzie and Babe by being partners. Babe and Kenzie accept and at the end, Triple G pleads for a job from Kenzie and Babe.

Although without knowing, Triple G tells Double G that he got a job as a gaming consultant and Double G agrees telling him to stay with his mother.

Lost Jacket, Falling Pigeons

In this episode, Triple G and Hudson witness pigeons so Double G comes in with Todd to eliminate all of the pigeons which they do.

Dirty Blob

Double G was angry at Trip for abandoning his tutor and Trip talks back by telling how much freedom he doesn't have. Double G then puts Triple G on probation from Game Shakers, not allowing him to go anywhere near them as they work. Trip grows angry.

The next day, Trip apologises and works everything out but Dirty Blob, their newest game goes missing in their file system after Trip ruins the computer. Kenzie and Babe try to retrieve the game from Double G's Pear Pad and go to the GG Sound Recording Booth where Double G works with his music.

Double G, Bunny and Ruthless find everyone and they start to rap a song.

MeGo the Freakish Robot

Triple G is hung by MeGo and can't move. But, Double G saves him by pushing MeGo off.

Tiny Pickles


Hudson Gimble

Triple G and Hudson's friendship is pretty stable because they're able to work together. Triple G sometimes gets very angry or very annoyed with Hudson, due to the fact that he's unintelligent; but Triple G still cares for Hudson and they're best friends.

Babe Carano

Triple G and Babe are very close friends. They get along really well and are able to work together. Babe had the idea that Triple G had a crush on her in Babe Gets Crushed. It's hinted that Babe may have romantic feelings for Triple G.

Kenzie Bell

Triple G and Kenzie are close friends, but sometimes Triple G gets weirded out by Kenzie do to her ideas of solving specific problems. However, they get along okay.