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Thomas Kuc is an actor from New York City and is best known for his role of Hudson on Game Shakers. He is currently single.


Thomas was born in Brazil, but has lived most of his life in California where he discovered his love for acting. He's been a competitive gymnast since the age of five. In his free time, he also enjoys surfing and skate boarding. Thomas speaks Polish and Mandarin and some Portuguese and Spanish. He has an older sister, Alma, who is a gymnast on the Polish National Olympic Team. He has been in the movie The Diabolical and played the role of Danny.


Year Title Role
2015 - Present Game Shakers Hudson Gimble


  • His fan mail address is:
    Thomas Kuc
    Osbrink Talent Agency
    4343 Lankershim Blvd
    Suite 100
    Universal City, CA 91602

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