This article is about the song. You may be looking for Game Shakers Theme Song.

Drop Dat What is a song Babe and Kenzie used in Sky Whale (game), the song is by Double G, and Babe and Kenzie not licensed it. So Double G sues them to all he has been owed. The shortened song is also the theme song of the show.

Performer (s)


Full Song🍫🍫

Now let me see
In the club, yo all
When I step for the mic
Cause Double G's in the spot
And is popping tonight
You know the whole squad will be fill-ing up
So when you hear that beat bang
You better drop dat what!
It's so icy that I want it everyday
You can't shake my game so just get out my way
Only bosses up in here, Honey that's what's up
So DJ bounce that bass so I can Drop dat Whaaaaaat
Drop dat
Let the bass get low
Drop dat
And make the whole world go
Drop dat
Cause I can't get enough
When you drop dat
Now you better pick it up!
Drop Dat


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