I like sitting in the corner.

Bunford "Bunny" Simmons is a recurring character in Game Shakers. Like Ruthless, he is an assistant to Double G, but he isn't loud like Ruthless.


Bunny is the very helpful and lovable sidekick of rap super-star Double G. He’s very kind, very hungry, and very smart. He graduated from business school.


Unlike Ruthless, he is not too loud, but he's the more childish of the two assistants. Both are more consistently more level-headed and reasonable than Double G, but still willingly obedient and loyal to him.



Bunny and Ruthless seem to be close friends, as both of them are Double G's bodyguards/assistants.


  • Bubba Ganter also played Bunny in the episode of Sam & Cat, #PeezyB, where Bunny was also Kel Mitchell (who played Peezy B)'s assistant. Sam & Cat is also created by Dan Schneider.
  • Double G has two assistants, including Bunny. The other one is Ruthless.
  • Bunny appears in most episodes.
  • He is smart, yet he is rather childlike.
  • He appears more than Ruthless.
  • He graduated from business school, at Princeton.
  • It is revealed in "War of the Peach", that he is afraid of rabbits.
    • Which is ironic because his nickname is Bunny.

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