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Babe Gets Crushed is the 24th and final episode in Season 2 of Game Shakers. It premiered on November 4, 2017 to an audience of 1.38 million viewers.


At Game Shakers, Babe wants to know why Trip wacked her. Trip thought she was a burgalar and he slept at Game Shakers. Dub had a fire drill and purposely started a fire. Trip tells Babe he has a friend and works with this girl he really likes a lot. Trip says his name is Chuck and it was his boss. Trip asks Babe on what to do. Dub, Bunny and Ruthless arrive and Dub called Babe to take the dog. Bunny's belt was used as a leash. Dub found the dog at West Side Highway. Ruthless unleashs a bang ball and Dub and Ruthless run out. Bunny runs out after that.

At school, Babe sees Hudson and tells him to go to class. Babe brings the dog to the class. Babe tells Hudson to watch the dog. Hudson names the dog Kenzie and Kenzie arrives. Hudson and the dog leave and Babe tells Kenzie that Trip might have a crush on her. Babe tells Kenzie what Trip told her. Hudson's dog peed on the floor and Hudson tells Mr. Sammich Kenzie peed on the floor. At Game Shakers, Trip told Babe that Chuck wants to make a play for the girl. Trip says Chuck's dad is famous and Dub arrives to give food to Trip and Babe and Kenzie talk in private and assume that Chuck is fake and that Trip actually likes her. Kenzie the dog eats Dub's Clam Sphere. Kenzie tells Babe to bring Chuck so they can meet. Hudson tells Dub that Kenzie ate his food. Dub gets mad when he sees Kenzie. Babe tells Trip she wants to meet Chuck and to have dinner with him. At Fooders, Trip tells Babe Chuck isn't coming. Chuck tells Trip he was run over by a truck.

At Fooders, Babe calls Kenzie and tells her that Chuck is fake and wants her to come to Fooders. Dub arrives and asks Hudson where his glasses went. Hudson said he made it for Kenzie the dog. Dub is actually dog food as payback. Kenzie tells her he named his dog Kenzie. At Fooders, Kenzie is there. Kenzie is about to tell the plan but Trip comes and they talk. Kenzie then starts hugging Trip and says she likes him. Chuck arrives with crutches. Babe and Kenzie thought he made up Chuck.


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  • This is the finale of the second season of Game Shakers.
  • The episode title is similar to "Jade Gets Crushed" an episode of Victorious, another show by Dan Schneider.
  • This episode marks the shortest episode in the history of Game Shakers with a runtime of 21 minutes and 49 seconds.
  • Chuck has the same name of a iCarly enemy. iCarly was also created by Dan Schneider.
  • Burgling was mentioned in the previous episode.
  • The way Double G does a fire drill is similar to Marissa from iCarly.
  • Trip is wearing sports pajamas since he likes sport.
  • Trip might've asked Babe because she dated Scott and hit on Mason.
  • As of this episode, Hudson has a dog.
  • Hudson's dog is named after Kenzie.
  • Annie was mentioned in Bunger Games.
  • Double G uses smoke pellets similar to Batman.
  • The Clam Jumper hasn't been mentioned since Clam Shakers.
  • As of this episode, there is no longer security cameras.
  • Hush up is a play on shut up.

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Saturday November 4 Night of Premieres w "Henry Danger" and Season Finale of "Game Shakers"00:30

Saturday November 4 Night of Premieres w "Henry Danger" and Season Finale of "Game Shakers"

"Babe Gets Crushed" Official Season Finale Sneak Peek Game Shakers00:40

"Babe Gets Crushed" Official Season Finale Sneak Peek Game Shakers

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