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"Are you having a great time Lance?"

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Kenzie Bell

Best Friends/Co-worker
Main Article: Babe & Kenzie
Kenzie and Babe are best friends. They have shared every moment together by creating Game Shakers, creating games together as a remote company and they are a comparable pairing.

In Sky Whale, Babe and Kenzie were paired up as science project partners but then started to make a game and release it for 0.99c. Afterwards, the game was modified and was famous and teamed up to have a company in Brooklyn, Game Shakers. They challenged each other and became friends since then.

In Lost Jacket, Falling Pigeons, Kenzie helps Babe to find Babe's jacket to impress Mason.

In Dirty Blob, Kenzie and Babe help Triple G together to copy the game, "Dirty Blob".

In MeGo the Freakish Robot, Kenzie and Babe have a meeting with investors to hire MeGo.

In Scared Tripless, Kenzie and Babe were royal friends by helping Trip scare Double G.

In You Bet Your Bunny, they stand together.

In Babe's Fake Disease Babe threw Kenzie out the window and Kenzie gave her best friend a dirty look.

Hudson Gimble

Crush/Close Friends/Co-Worker
Main Article: Babe & Hudson
As revealed in Sky Whale, Babe said Hudson was cute. They also formed Game Shakers with Hudson.

Triple G

Close Friends/Co-Workers
Main Article: Babe & Triple G
As revealed in Sky Whale, Babe and Kenzie hired Trip. They are close friends ever since then.

Double G

Close Friend/Business Partner
Main Article: Babe & Double G
As revealed in Sky Whale, Double G accused Babe and Kenzie for stealing his song. Babe and Kenzie then made Double G a potential business partner.


Babe and Mason have a one sided crush (Babe's).

In Lost Jacket, Falling Pigeons, Mason appeared and liked Babe's jacket.

In Party Crashers, Babe came to Peggy's party to just be with Mason but it was all ruined when Ruthless and Bunny showed up. Afterwards, Babe and Mason never interacted and Babe tried to stay cool but Mason went to the bike derby show with Ruthless and Bunny.


Main Article: Babe and Scott
Babe and Scott used to date in Babe's Fake Disease.

In Babe's Fake Disease, Babe was invited to Kenzie's coding club, which wasn't interesting until she finds Scott who she
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starts to like. But when they go on a date, Babe starts to have different thoughts about him and trying to escape the date. So, Double G and Bunny tell Kenzie to make a fake disease to make Scott flee.
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The next day, Babe starts to make a fake disease by ripping Mr. Sammich's shirt, throwing Kenzie out of the window and
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attacking Scott. At the end scared, Scott breaks up with Babe.
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