Babe & Triple G is the friendly pairing between Babe Carano and Triple G. They are portrayed by Cree Cicchino and Benjamin Flores, Jr.

Fan Names

  • Baple G.
  • Babele G.
  • Tripbe
  • Betri G.
  • Tribabe
  • Trabe


Season 1

Sky Whale

  • Trip bought Babe's (and kenzie's) game
  • Trip likes Babe's (and kenzie's) game

Revenge @ Tech Fest

  • Babe comforted Trip while Double G's arm was being examined by doctors after being injured

Season 2

Byte Club

  • Babe and Trip hugged

Wing Suits & Rocket Boots

  • Babe and Trip acted like parents

Similarities & Differences


  • They both love video games.
  • They both have style.


  • Babe is street smart, Triple G isn't.
  • Babe is a female, Triple G is a male.
  • Babe went to school, but Triple G did not.


This information is currently unknown.


  • Babe hired Triple G to be a game consultant.
  • According to Triple G, they are the same ages.

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