Babe & Hudson is the Friendship Pairing between Babe Carano and Hudson. They are portrayed by Cree Cicchino and Thomas Kuc. Babe and Hudson are Close Friends and Co-Workers.

Fan Names

  • Budson
  • Babson
  • Hudse
  • Habe
  • Babeson
  • Bason


Season 1

Sky Whale

  • Babe was looking at Hudson when he refuse to read in science class.
  • Hudson (Along with the rest of the student) turn his head to look at Babe when she screamed at the squirrel.
  • Hudson was watching Babe (And Kenzie)'s presentation.
  • When Babe ask if anyone have question, Hudson is the first one that rase his hand.
  • Hudson agree with Babe about the "Benefit" problem.
  • Hudson running at the hallway while shout out for Babe.
  • When Babe tells Hudson to get out of here, he actually thought she mean it so he ran off.
  • After Hudson is gone Babe said "How can a boy that cute be that stupid?" hinted that Babe thinks Hudson is cute but was shocked about his stupid action.
  • Babe and Hudson were alone in the restaurant before Kenzie came.
  • Babe was looking at Hudson when he start to suck his olive.
  • Babe look at Hudson weirdly when he was laughing for no reason.
  • Babe (And Kenzie) looked at Hudson when he was sucking the red thing inside the olive.
  • Babe told Hudson to suck the olive more quietly.
  • Hudson and Babe both look concerned when Kenzie fell off the table.
  • Babe (And Kenzie) got annoy by Hudson for sucking his olive too loud again.
  • When Babe told Hudson that Kenzie agrees with her idea, he cheered and said "Yay!"
  • Hudson looked at Babe when she was getting all fired it up about starting a game company.
  • Babe and Hudson (Along with Kenzie) enter their new builing together.
  • Hudson looked at Babe curiously when Kenzie was speechless.
  • Babe yelled at Hudson to stop doing the abdominal thrusts on Kenzie.
  • Hudson and Babe was standing really close when Babe was helping Hudson's motion capture test costume.
  • Babe ask Hudson did he understand what they are trying to do and he said no.
  • Kenzie ask Babe why did she hired him, it might means that Babe hired Hudson herself without Kenzie.
  • The reason Babe hired Hudson because he is cute and will do anything they say.
  • Babe call Hudson "Cute" again.
  • Babe put a horn on Hudson's helmet.
  • Hudson was happy because he always want to have horn which Babe gave him.
  • Babe was controling Hudson as he fly around in the air.
  • Babe drop the remote cause Hudson hit the wall.
  • Babe look concern when Hudson fall flat on his face.
  • Hudson (And Kenzie) listened to Babe's plan.
  • When Babe trigger the romote on purpose cause Hudson to fly up and fell again.
  • Hudson and Babe (Along with the students) check out the helicopter outside.
  • Hudson answer Babe's question about what it said on the side (Of the helicopter)
  • Babe and Hudson was standing right next to each other when they (Along with Kenzie) try to excuse to leave the class.
  • When Babe lied about Hudson needs help, he added "I get confused!".
  • Babe and Hudson (Along with Kenzie) both were shocked when Double G bust the door open.
  • Babe glance at Hudson before they ran off.
  • Babe and Hudson both push the door.
  • Hudson look at Babe while he said "I think I peed!".
  • Hudson was standing next to Babe when she beg Double G not to take away the furnitures.
  • Hudson stood up for Babe (And Kenzie) by telling Double G what he did was bad.
  • Babe want Triple G to try to rid Hudson off the hook. Which hinted even Babe said Hudson is stupid, she still cared about him.
  • Babe was shocked and covered her mouth when Hudson's underwear exposed.
  • Babe (With the rest of the gang) were looking at Hudson got his pants back on.
  • Babe point out to Hudson how did his underwear get on the outside of the pants.
  • Hudson answer Babe with a smiley face.
  • Hudson stood next to Babe when the girls are signing the contract for partnership.
  • Babe and Hudson (and also Kenzie) Share their first hug.
  • Babe looks worried when Double G almost jump on Hudson.
  • Hudson were spotted talking to Babe (And Kenzie) before Double G's performance.
  • Babe and Hudson (Along with everyone) were all dancing during the performance.
  • Hudson help hold on Babe's drink so she (And Kenzie) can go rap with Double G.

Lost Jacket, Falling Pigeons

Similarities & Differences



  • Babe is a girl, Hudson is a boy.
  • Babe is very smart, Hudson is very dumb.
  • Babe has brown hair, Hudson has blonde hair.



How can a boy that cute be that dumb "Your not like other boys"

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